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Have you ever ended up with soaking wet cash and cards after accidentally getting your wallet wet? Do you want a waterproof wallet that you can take safely to the beach, to the pool, or when spending time outdoors hiking, camping or fishing?

The good news is that there are some great, reliable water-resistant and waterproof wallets and cases on the market, which will keep your essential belongings safe even if you go swimming, surfing, fishing, or kayaking with them.

The 7 Best Waterproof Wallets

We have reviewed some of the top-rated wallets and have come up with this list of the best waterproof wallets which you can buy in 2021 in the United States.

Otterbox Drybox 3250 Series – Retail Packaging – Black

If you need a waterproof wallet that can withstand being submerged entirely in water without your documents, phone, money, keys, cards, and other valuables getting all wet and damaged, then the Otterbox Drybox 3250 is another excellent option.

This sturdy case is 8.32 x 5.09 x 2.51 inches in size, and weighs 13.8 ounces, and offers ample storage space for smaller and bigger items and gear.

It is made of rugged polycarbonate and has a rust-proof stainless steel latch and hinge pins to keep your belongings safe from impact and from being dropped or immersed in water. It is IP68 Mil-Spec tested for water protection and approved as waterproof to a depth of 90 feet for up to 30 minutes.

It is also crushproof for reliable protection from impact and heavy loads.

The best men’s waterproof wallet has locking holes to keep your stuff from unauthorized access by other people, and also comes with a utility mount so that you can attach it via a carabiner or tether to your backpack, belt, or other.

The versatile wallet for swimming and for water protection is offered with a limited lifetime warranty and with friendly customer service too. It is among the highest-rated products due to its durability, performance, and security.

YETI Sidekick Dry

If you have a Yeti Hopper cooler, then the waterproof Sidekick Dry is the perfect accessory for it.

This water-resistant wallet is made of durable and puncture-resistant DryHide fabric, which will help keep your keys, phone, documents, credit cards, cash, coins, and everything else inside it safe while you are enjoying your time outdoors, or every time you travel. It also offers superb water protection.

The 9 x 1.5 x 5.5-inch case can easily be mounted to the HitchPoint grid of your Hopper. Still, you can also use it as a standalone wallet to protect your valuables while you are fishing, camping, on the beach, or hiking in rainy or snowy conditions.

The high-quality Sidekick Dry waterproof wallet has a comfortable size, and just like the other outdoor gear made by Yeti is a reliable, sturdy, and top quality pouch which will last through a lot of adventures.

Witz See it Safe Waterproof ID/Badge Holder Case 

If you are shopping for a reliable waterproof wallet, but do not want to spend more than $10 for one, then the Witz See it Waterproof ID Holder case is one of the best deals you can find in 2021.

The waterproof case and wallet has a design thanks to which it will float on the water surface while remaining airtight and thus keeping your documents and other belongings safe from water damage or from getting lost at the bottom of a lake, river, or sea.

The inexpensive waterproof wallet is also crush resistant.

The wallet is made of sturdy ABS plastic and has rubber O-rings to seal it perfectly every time and keep any dust, dirt, or water out for reliable protection from the elements like rain and snow.

The compact waterproof holder case also comes with a carabiner and a neck lanyard strap, so you can carry it with you no matter whether you are surfing, kayaking, swimming, or other.

It is definitely one of the best waterproof wallets for swimming, as well as an accessory which anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures should have handy.

Pelican 0955-010-110 Micro Sport Wallet ProGear Liner


This waterproof and crushproof wallet by Pelican can handle just about any weather, terrain, and adventure.

The compact but extremely sturdy wallet is made of crushproof polycarbonate. It has a silicone O-ring and an easy-access latch, which provides sealed closure, and will ensure that your credit cards, ID, passport, cash, keys, and other items stay safe from any water, rain, dust, and other damage.

The high quality product has two mesh pockets to keep your stuff well organized.

The Pelican Micro Sport wallet has been tested and certified with an IP54 rating for water resistance. It will float in the water, so there is no danger of losing your valuable belongings while you are fishing, sailing, or enjoying time near water.

The dimensions of this useful and reliable waterproof wallet for beach and swimming use are just 5.55 x 0.85 x 3.27 inches, and it weighs 3.52 ounces so you can carry it with you no matter where you go.

The wallet by Pelican comes with a nylon lanyard strap and is sold with a lifetime guarantee.

SlimFold Minimalist Wallet – RFID Protection – Thin, Durable, and Waterproof 


The SlimFold waterproof wallet is the sleekest of all of the best waterproof wallets on this list. In fact, it is thinner than most standard wallets too.

At the same time, it is made of a waterproof and durable Soft-shell material that combines the ruggedness and properties of Kevlar and Gore-Tex.

One of the best waterproof wallets for 2021 is available in a variety of color options, and also comes in a variant with RFID protection of your personal and bank information.

The wallet can hold up to 8 bank cards and credit cards and your cash in its allotted money and card slots and slots for bills, and its other pockets.

The product is just 4 mm thick and has a weight of a mere 0.7 ounces.

At the same time, the low profile wallet is abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and machine washable, perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

Plus, it is made in California and comes with a 5-year warranty by SlimFold.

Chums Unisex Surfshort Wallet with Key Ring


If you want an affordable wallet, which will keep your money, cards, and ID or driver’s license safe even if it happens to get wet, then you should check out the Chums Surfshort Wallet.

Another one of the best waterproof wallets on the market costs just over $10 but is made of sturdy and water-resistant ripstop nylon material.

The wallet has two zippered pockets for your cash and your cards and also has a dedicated compartment with an ID window where you can keep your documents.

The Chums Surfshort waterproof wallet also has an added pocket with a key ring, so you can attach your keys or attach it to your key loop or your bag.

The wallet is available in over 25 color and pattern options and has a size of only 2 x 4 inches so that you can carry it in your pocket.

At this price range, and with this quality, this is one of the best deals you can find on the market when it comes to waterproof wallets.

Aquapac Nrs Keymaster – 608

If you want to have your documents, cash, keys, and other small items and valuables with you even when you are surfing, snorkeling or diving, then one of the best options you can find in 2021 is the waterproof Aquapac Keymaster wallet and cell phone case.

This compact waterproof pouch will fit all of your essential stuff, even a standard asthma inhaler, or anything else you need, and will protect it from water and UV rays.

The beach wallet waterproof case can be submerged in water to a depth of up to 165 feet, and still, keep your valuable stuff dry and safe. It has been rated for IPX8 water resistance, which is for continuous immersion to a water depth of up to 30 feet.

The Keymaster is made of translucent TPU. It is sealed with a rust-proof, ultra-secure seal that opens with a twist of the levers for protection and for easy access by you.

The dimensions of the Keymaster best waterproof pouch, credit card holder, and phone case are 6.1 x 3.5 inches.

The durable waterproof wallet for swimming is sold with an adjustable and durable lanyard so you can use it as a neck wallet and comes with a 5-year warranty by Aquapac.

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