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The Best Darts Reviewed 2023

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Darts is a game that requires great expertise and precision to master. Sure, you can play at an amateur level, but only after a lot of practice will you know how to hit the bull’s eye every time.

There are, however, ways to make your practice sessions even more fruitful by picking the right kind of darts to play with. The following are reviews of some of the great darts in the market, followed by a brief buying guide.

Best Darts

Best Darts on a Budget

Wolftop Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams

The Wolftop Steel Tip Darts are extremely resilient and durable, with solid aluminum and an anodized finish. Each dart weighs 18 grams and is good for both professional and amateur dart players. But its biggest plus point is certainly that the darts offer a lot without asking for too much as a price. The following are some of the features the darts have to offer:


  • The darts have 2BA aluminum shafts that are practically unbreakable.
  • The darts have been designed with locking holes, so you have a better grip if you want to tighten the shaft to the barrel.
  • The steel barrels are high-quality brass plated and have been machine-finished with precision.
  • The set comes with five style thickened flights and dart sharpeners.
  • The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • The darts have strategically placed grooves that offer you better control and precision while playing.
  • The set is a high-quality one and comes with accessories but is very reasonably priced despite everything.
  • The darts are meant to be more durable than PVC rods.
  • It is suitable for both amateurs and professionals.


  • The darts tend to wobble when thrown.
  • The set does not come with instructions on how it should be assembled.

Best Darts for Amateurs

Reehut 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts with Aluminum Shafts, Brass Barrels

The Reehut 12-pack Steel Tip Darts have aluminum shafts, brass barrels, and a durable stainless steel needle. They come with protective covers for easier handling, making it an ideal purchase for an amateur who needs to safeguard themselves against injury more than a professional would. It has a detachable design that makes it easy to change the dart shafts. The following are some of the features the darts have to offer:


  • The dart shafts are made of aluminum.
  • All the darts are delivered in a black storage bag that is perfectly portable.
  • The darts come in four styles of national flags — USA, UK, Germany, and Australia.
  • A cover protects the steel tip.
  • The darts are designed such that the dart shafts can be changed with ease.


  • Each dart has an O-ring installed between the brass barrel and the aluminum shaft, which prevents loosening in case it is dropped.
  • The protective cover for the steel tip makes it an especially good choice for amateurs who are still learning the ropes.
  • The aluminum shafts are meant to be stronger than PVC rods.
  • The darts come with a two-year warranty and lifetime customer support.


  • The flights have been missing in a few darts upon arrival.
  • The dart ends are slightly irregular.

Best Dart with Customizable Configuration

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set — Customizable Configuration 6 Steel Tip Darts

The CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set is a highly versatile bundle of darts that allows you to configure and customize the darts based on different barrel weights, shaft lengths, flight shapes, etc. It gives the player ample freedom to experiment with the configuration so you can make it more personalized. The following are some of the features that the darts set has to offer:


  • The darts bundle offers one the possibility of choice and allows you to mix and match them based on personal preferences.
  • The steel tip darts have parts that are interchangeable, allowing you to create your own dart setup.
  • The darts have barrels with a full-grip texture, allowing any finger placement.
  • It includes 12 precision-cut aluminum shafts, 12 rubber O-rings, 12 Polypro flights, and a sharpener.


  • This is the perfect set for beginner and intermediate-level players.
  • The dart set offers the perfect customizable configuration.
  • The full grip texture on the barrels means you can experiment with any finger placement technique.
  • The design of the darts makes it extremely convenient to change out the parts and customize the dart.


  • The slots in the shaft are a little narrow for the flights to fit in.
  • The darts are not as durable as advertised.

The Darts with the Most Stylish Variety

Sametop Darts Steel Tip Darts Set 18 Grams with Flights, Aluminum Shafts, Brass Barrels, and Dart Sharpener

The Sametop Steel Tip Darts offer perhaps the most variety when it comes to styles and designs. The darts weigh 18 grams and have a practical design, featuring unbreakable dart shafts. The set is suitable for players of all levels and can also make for a great present. The following are some of the features that the darts have to offer:


  • The darts have aluminum shafts that are highly durable.
  • Each brass dart barrel has strategically machined grooves that allow the players to establish a comfortable hold.
  • The darts are designed so that they travel through the air uniformly, without deflections.
  • The darts’ steel tip is fitted with a rubber O-ring for reinforcement.


  • The darts can be purchased in sets of 12 National Style Darts, Pattern A Style Darts or Pattern B Style Darts.
  • The darts and its accompanying accessories are preserved in an attractive box.
  • The darts come with a sharpener stone, so they never have to become blunt.
  • The stylish darts are suitable for players of all levels.


  • The darts come apart quite easily.
  • The assembly for the darts is quite tricky.

The Dart with Most Durable Shaft

Cuesoul 30/28/26 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten

The Cuesoul Tungsten Steel Tip Darts are some of the most durable darts in the market. The darts have a 95 percent Tungsten barrel and an anodized aluminum shaft that makes them extremely strong and resilient. The darts also come with a deluxe dart case for easy portability. The following are some of the features the product has to offer:


  • The dart has a tungsten steel barrel, 11 hand-painted rings, and four small knurled barrel grips.
  • It has a medium-sized anodized aluminum shaft.
  • The darts are center-weighted for easier control.
  • It comes with six anodized aluminum shafts, three lantern shape flights, three standard flights, three alloy flights, and one point sharpener.


  • The durable bundle of darts comes in a deluxe dart case, making it a complete set.
  • These are highly sophisticated-looking darts.
  • The darts come with plenty of accessories.
  • The hand-painted grooves offer you the perfect grip.


  • The case is not of great quality, some customers have reported.
  • The darts are a tad too light.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are a few different things you may need to consider when you are looking to buy the perfect set of darts. The following are some of the common and most important factors to consider when buying darts.


The material of the dart is extremely important as it decides whether the darts are going to be durable or not. Darts have different components, and each component is typically made of different materials. The point can be made of steel or soft plastic; the barrel can be made of nickel, brass, tungsten, or silver; the shaft can be made of nylon, plastic, or aluminum; and finally, the flight can be made of plastic or nylon, among other materials.

The materials that have been mentioned here are typically what is used, but these rules are not set in stone.


The weight of the dart you pick depends on what you prefer. It can be an 18-gram dart, or it can be a 50-gram dart. Whether you require a lighter dart or a heavier dart depends on your throwing style. For beginners, however, a moderately lightweight dart is preferred. This is because a lighter dart is easier to throw and make formations with. The more experienced you become, the better equipped you will be to handle a heavier dart.

Barrel, Shaft, Flights

It is extremely important to know the parts of a dart. The barrel is the part of the dart that you will establish your grip on while throwing. It is the longest part of the barrel and needs to be made with the most durable material.

The shaft is the thin connecting piece between the barrel and the flight. Depending on the length and thickness of the dart, the balance of a flight is determined. A tungsten barrel is best paired with an aluminum shaft.

Finally, the flights are the wings or fins at the rear end of the dart. The flight is what helps the dart stabilize mid-flight. The size and shape of the flight determine the overall performance of the dart.


There are a few questions that are frequently asked while looking for the perfect set of darts. The following are some of those FAQs:

Which Is the Most Durable Material?

There are several materials that have been proven to be durable and resilient, but tungsten may be one of the most durable. It is often the choice of metal for the barrel of a dart. Most professional dart players use tungsten barrels in their darts.

How Often Should I Sharpen the Dart?

The point of a dart should feel like a ballpoint pen — not too sharp and not too blunt. To check if the point needs sharpening, simply run your fingers over the point and check to see if you can feel any burrs. If you do, it is time for a sharpening.

Can Steel Tips Be Switched to Soft Tips?

Yes, the tips can be switched out at any time. However, you should keep in mind the weight of the rest of the dart. If the barrel is especially heavy, it is best to stick with the steel darts as the balance of the dart will be disturbed by the soft tips. Besides, the points should also be changeable, and only then does the question of you replacing them arise.

Final Thoughts

The products that have been chosen above have all been categorized into groups that define their best features. These categorizations should help you recognize which set of darts suits you most, based on your skill level and abilities. Whether you are looking for a set of darts that look good, a set of darts that offer a lot on a budget, or a set of darts for beginners, the product reviews have attempted to incorporate them all. Happy darting!

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