Do you have to move out for a business tour? You simply can’t miss a single chance to look appealing and presentable in front of your fellow co-workers. So, immediately buy yourself a wheeled briefcase to intensify your appearance. As the name suggests, the rolling briefcases with the wheels have made traveling far effortless and comfortable for you. Who thought there would be a day when you can walk into your meeting room with your entire office in a briefcase on wheels. These roller briefcases are life saviors for those who are always moving from one destination to the other and love to carry all their essential documents, business cards, laptops, and mobile phones with them.

Top 10 Best Rolling Briefcases

Here is a list below that offers you the best briefcases on rollers that will definitely match your expectations and give a professional touch to your look and persona.

AmazonBasics rolling briefcase

AmazonBasics is a committed label that manufactures top-class products. Its rolling briefcase is an impeccable case to carry for professional work. This rolling laptop case offers you a convenient space to keep in your essentials. It permits you to arrive in a classy and presentable manner at a meeting. Investing in this product would be worth each penny.


  • The front compartment of the briefcase is designated to keep in small items. It consists of 2 slots for notepads and a mini-slot for markers and pens. It will still have ample space to keep in business cards, mobile phones, sticky notes, and other crucial essentials.
  • The large compartments can easily accommodate bulky files, heavy textbooks, and notebooks.
  • This rolling office bag is light weighted and is easy to carry anywhere.
  • The 15.6-inch screen can be easily placed in the laptop compartment, and a padded section can protect a laptop of 17 inches.

Samsonite rolling briefcase

Samsonite manufactures the best rolling laptop bags and business cases. The bags have several zippered pockets where you can keep your essential documents and belongings. Samsonite laptop bag is constructed of high-quality ballistic nylon material. The bag is way much aesthetic in its simplicity.


  • The laptop compartment has a security strap that holds your laptop and has a front pocket for keeping office essentials.
  • The bag consists of three large zippered pockets; in the front zippered pocket, you can keep things like sunglasses, portable pen drives, and Bluetooth, and in the rest, two zippered compartments other things like pens, cables, papers, passes, cell phones, and files can be kept.
  • The wheels are designed in a parallel line, and the telescoping handle makes the rolling briefcase easy to be rolled with very little or no effort.
  • A laptop of 15.6 inches can fit well into this bag.
  • This variant by the manufacturer has a stunning black eye-catching color.

Solo New York rolling briefcase

Solo New York displays their products with full pride. These briefcases with wheels are designed with high-quality polyester material and provide ample storage to you. New York rolling briefcases have padded lining compartments that make it the best roller bag for laptops. The dual wheels and telescoping handle make it easy for you to carry the case on a rough road surface.


  • This roller briefcase is friendly enough for easy traveling.
  • Several compartments in the briefcase help keep the paperwork well organized and make it easy to have access to the papers when needed.
  • In this rolling laptop bag, a 17-inch laptop can be well fitted into the main compartment.
  • This brand offers a professional touch to your personality by manufacturing sustainably designed briefcases on wheels, carry bags, backpacks, hybrid bags, messenger bags, and rolling briefcase women fit.
  • Solo New York rolling office bags assure you with a 5-year warranty.

KROSER rolling briefcases

KROSER brand is proficient in manufacturing the best rolling laptop bags, backpacks, briefcases, and computer bags at an affordable rate. KROSER laptop bag is water-resistant that has long durability. This laptop bag has sufficient space for carrying an ultrabook and MacBook and other small belongings like a pencil, cell phones, chargers, documents, and mouse. Every bit of this carrier bag is perfect and flawless.


  • The RFID pocket safeguards your identity; it shields your passports and credit cards.
  • This rolling briefcase has a detachable strap for the shoulder to carry.
  • It has several compartments with pockets to store in keys, pens, cell phones, etc.
  • KROSER produces the best rolling laptop bag that complements your look and acts as a great associate for college, school, business, and other regular occasions.

Solo New York rolling briefcases

If you are searching for a travel-friendly and durable laptop bag, your search is over as Solo New York presents before you the best movable office bag for laptops. This bag complements both men and women and enhances your look and personality. NewYork bags are known to provide full flexibility to the ones who are constantly moving. This brand ensures you with a warranty of five years from the date of purchase.


  • This stylish roller bag can be used for both rolling and carrying as it has wheels underneath and a padded strap for shoulders.
  • The main compartment can protect the laptop of 17 inches.
  • The bag includes a zippered flap for the handle to hide it when not in use.
  • The case is highly spacious, so you can easily keep the textbooks in the briefcase’s different compartments.

Alpine Swiss Lawyer case

Alpine Swiss brief provides you ample space and has separate compartments for keeping the essentials safe into it. Alpine Swiss produces an excellent briefcase for a lawyer that a 17-inch laptop can be well fitted into it. The brand product has an elegant and classy finishing touch. Investing in this roller bag would be quite worthwhile.


  • The chief compartment feature a folder and a padded sleeve for a laptop with an elastic strap to secure the device.
  • The bag is crafted from higher quality materials, leatherette finishing gives a sophisticated look to it, and the case has a more extended durability.
  • The wheels are attached smoothly in a parallel line.
  • The product ensures a warranty of one year.

Perry Ellis roller case

Perry Ellis briefcase is all that you will be looking for when you are up for some business tour. Perry Ellis baggage is constructed of ballistic material; it’s a spacious product that features 8 wheels spinner mobile system. This case is easy to go with a light-weighted product that adds sophistication and professionalism to your look.


  • It is a travel-friendly roller bag that is quite spacious to store in some crucial belongings. The spinner mobile system makes your arrival look quite classy and stylish.
  • 13.5 inches laptop can easily be fitted into the case.
  • The push-button handle makes it easy for you to transport and maneuver the case from one destination to another.

Wenger roller briefcase

Wenger is a self-made brand that is proficient and committed to manufacturing the best products, which makes it a highly recommended brand. Wenger briefcase is all that you will need for the office or business trips. It has multiple storage sections along with the laptop slim case. Wenger brand offers you with groundbreaking products and never fails to meet your expectations.


  • It has a matching detachable laptop case
  • The baggage includes a padded compartment for your 17-inch mechanical device.
  • This product has lockable zippers over the laptop section to keep your electronic device safe and secure.
  • The case comes with an additional section for packing your clothes.
  • This brand bag consists of a trolley handle that has an ergonomic hold for comfortable wheeling.

Ytonet rolling briefcase

Ytonet manufacturers hybrid shoulder baggage that is highly resistant to water and goes well with both men and women. It has multiple sections so you can keep both tablet and laptop at the same time in it. The bag has an adjustable padded strap for shoulder and is very much comfortable to carry. It is perfect for any gender and age type. Investing in this product will totally change your lifestyle.


  • Ytonet bags have multiple compartments to easily keep and some of your belongings like wallet, mouse, watch, notebooks, iPad, iPhone, pens, credit cards, passports, umbrella, and many other things.
  • It holds a unique feature of a 360° zipper system that is highly durable and is constructed of metal.
  • A 17-inch laptop can easily fit into this baggage.
  • The comfortable detachable strap sets your hands free as you can easily carry the bag on your shoulder.
  • The wheels are attached in line.

Samsonite rolling briefcases

Samsonite manufactures the best business cases made of good quality nylon fabric. The baggage adds a sophisticated touch to your appearance wherever you go. These are light weather and easy to go with cases that won’t burden you in any way. The sections of this case are quite spacious to keep in some essentials. In a more precise manner, the Samsonite bag is a perfect product for any gender.


  • The wheels run smoothly over the rough surface.
  • The case’s size is great, so you can easily pack your clothes in it and carry this bag on tours.
  • Samsonite briefcase ensures you longer durability and reliability.
  • This product has an adjustable padded strap for the shoulder, which you can remove when not in use.

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Things you should keep in mind before buying a roller briefcase

Personal preferences, fancy and aesthetic features are some of the major things that have to be kept in mind while buying a roller briefcase. However, listed below are some buying guides that you should follow before jumping on a particular briefcase.

Overall design

Cases come in variable shapes, designs, sizes, and colors. The briefcase is primarily used for formal purposes, so a neutral color and classy design bag would go best for it. You can also opt for a bright colored rolling briefcase for your professional work.


Convenience is a chief factor that is not supposed to be neglected. You should always make sure whether your baggage eliminates all types of inconveniences. You need to check how spacious the bag is and ensure if the wheels and the handle system functions appropriately.


Capacity refers to how many items your case can hold and how many sections it has.


Security is one of the significant features that have to be kept in mind. You should always ensure that your bag has a security mechanism in order to safeguard your crucial work essentials and belongings.

Some final words

In a nutshell, the above mentioned rolling briefcases are the best laptop roller bags that will compliment you well on your professional field by adding a sophisticated touch to your personality.

Be it a pilot or CEO of a company; these cases on the wheels have become an integral part of everyone’s life. These are not only men dominated, but also the way women match shoulders with their male counterparts, just like the women’s rolling briefcases designs and looks have been improvised to match with their fine personality.

Whenever in confusion, you can always look up to the mentioned cases in this guide and make a quality choice for yourself. Aforestated briefcases are some of the best cases that you will find in the market.

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