Water is one of the most important things when it comes to our existence. This applies not only to human beings but to the flora and fauna as well, so the fact that the practice of measuring rainfall is proved to date back as far as 500 B.C. should not come as a surprise. In this article we will explain to you why measuring rainfall is essential, and why you need a rain gauge in your garden.

The record high temperatures we have witnessed in recent years have lead to a global reduction in precipitation. That’s why accurate measuring of rainfall is now more critical than ever. The best rain gauge can help you do that, and so much more! With such an item your garden will flourish and you will be prepared for any unexpected flood situation. Here are our suggestions for the best rain gauges for home use.

Top 9 Best Rain Gauge Reviews

B & L Industries 1990-12 E-Z Read Jumbo Rain-Gauge

When it comes to the best rain gauges, this product undoubtedly deserves to be mentioned! The unit is not only easy to mount, but it is also very easy to read. You get a clear tube with yellow markings, which make the rain gauge readable up to 50′.

This B & L Industries 1990-12 E-Z rain gauge features high visibility float and water magnification. You can mount it on your fence or in the ground and measure rainfall up to 5 inches. The unit’s diameter is 3.5″, whereas the height is 20.25″. We really enjoyed the heavy-duty green Debris Guard funnel that, together with the rain gauge’s whole design, makes the unit easy to empty and clean.

Stratus Precision Rain Gauge with Mounting Bracket

In order to buy a rain gauge that is extremely accurate, easy to read, and durable, you need to spend a lot of time searching for and comparing different remote rain gauges, electronic rain gauges, and wifi rain gauges. We decided to save you the trouble since our second suggestion checks all the boxes, especially the one with accuracy. You get a 4″ diameter top and a large outer cylinder that can contain up to 11″. Then, the water gets in the calibrated tube and is measured separately.

The Stratus Precision Rain Gauge is built to US Weather Bureau standards and is extremely accurate. It does not feature any metal parts that can rust and is frost and heat-resistant. The UV resistant polycarbonate this rain gauge is made of makes the unit not only the most accurate rain gauge out there but also one of the most durable ones.

AcuRite 00850A2 5-Inch Capacity Easy-Read Magnifying Rain Gauge

This next rain gauge is the best choice for all gardeners who want to determine whether their garden needs watering. It has a really cute design, and most importantly, it is very easy to read due to the white numbers and inch markings contrasting with the beautiful blue color. Moreover, the numbers are magnified by about 35%, so this is definitely one of the best rain gauges in terms of visibility.

We loved the acrylic construction of the unit as it is weather-resistant and long-lasting. The mounting of this AcuRite rain gauge is also straightforward since the unit features an integrated hang hole and is also very easy to stack into the ground. Still, our favorite thing about this rain gauge is undoubtedly the fact that it is magnifying, and we could easily read it from the house window without having to go out.

Taylor Jumbo Jr. 20″ Easy-Read Rain Gauge

This next suggestion may not be a magnifying rain gauge, but it also offers easy reading due to its large yellow measurements visible from up to 50 feet away. The Taylor Jumbo Jr. easy-read rain gauge is 20″ tall and features a high impact plastic construction that ensures its durability.

This easy-read rain gauge has a 5 inches capacity, which is more than enough considering its great price. This is pretty much the best home rain gauge in terms of price. The unit also features a funnel filter that effectively minimizes outdoor debris. You could mount it on a wall using its bracket, or in the ground, using its ground spike.

OutdoorHome Rain Gauge

With this tool, you will never again have to guess how much rain has fallen in your backyard. It is made to last and is the ideal gift for everyone who loves gardening. The sturdy polycarbonate plastic design of this rain gauge ensures its durability, whereas the included mounting bracket and screws will make the installation process a piece of cake!

Once you mount your new rain gauge to your deck or fence, you will finally be able to get accurate measurements of the amount of rain present in your garden. This is a manual wireless rain gauge with 6 inches/150mm capacity, which means it is very easy to manage. The unit also comes with a cleaning brush that is very helpful.

La Crosse 705-109 Waterfall Rain Gauge

The La Crosse 705-109 rain gauge is the perfect choice for all those of you who are on a budget. It comes at a great price, but most importantly, it is accurate and has a very smart design. The large width design allows the unit to accurately measure rainfall up to six inches.

This La Crosse rain gauge is made of plastic, so it is not really the best rain gauge in terms of durability. Still, if you look for a cheap solution that can actually be effective, this may be the perfect option for you. The La Crosse 705-109 rain gauge can be mounted on your deck, fence rail, or top of a stake and is relatively easy to read.

SPI Replacement Rain Gauge Glass

If you already have a rain gauge holder and only need the glass tube, this little glass replacement rain gauge will be an ideal choice. Keep in mind that when we say ‘little,” we really mean it. The SPI replacement rain gauge measures 10.2 x 1.1 x 0.7 inches and is not really suitable for rain gauges that need one-inch or larger tubes.

However, if you have a small size glass rain gauge, this replacement rain gauge will be one of the best you find on the market. It displays inches and centimeters, and the numerical characters are very easy to read. The unit weighs 0.15 inches and should not be used in freezing weather.

AcuRite 00899 Wireless Rain Gauge

The AcuRite electronic rain gauge may be the last unit on our list, but it is probably the best wireless rain gauge in terms of durability you will ever find. It comes at a surprisingly good price, having in mind that most self-emptying digital rain gauges cost more than 50 bucks. With this unit, you get the outdoor rain totals transmitted to the small indoor display every 16 seconds or so.

The rainfall measurements are once again shown whether in inches or in millimeters, and you also get a flood watch alarm that will warn you if the conditions outside could lead to flooding. This is also the best digital rain gauge when it comes to signal penetration (enhanced 433 MHz). We enjoyed the self-emptying rain collector that is sturdy and saves you time and effort.

ECOWITT WH5360B High Precision Digital Rain Gauge

The next suggestion on our list is a heavy-duty wifi rain gauge that can measure rain precipitation, indoor temperature, and humidity. This makes it perfect for your backyard, farm, garden, land crop, etc. The wireless transmission range of this digital rain gauge is 300FT/100M and that turns it into one of the best wireless rain gauges on the market.

The small monitor that this wireless rain gauge comes with, displays rain events, rain rates, rainfall total record (one hour, day, week, month, year). You also get to choose between inches and millimeters. We loved the programmable rain alarm of this ECOWITT remote rain gauge, whose purpose is to warn you when flood conditions are present or when it is time to turn off the sprinklers. Another great feature is the self-emptying rain collector of this digital rain gauge. The unit is UV resistant and weather-resistant.

What Exactly is a Rain Gauge?

Before deciding on a rain gauge for your garden or backyard, you first need to make sure you know precisely what this little gadget is. Rain Gauges, also called pluviometers and udometers, are meteorological instruments whose main purpose is to measure precipitation in its liquid form in a given area over a specific period of time. These units are used by hydrologists and meteorologists to predict future weather conditions, determine current weather conditions, and monitor the water cycle.

These little devices are also widely used in most home gardens since they show you how often you need to water it and how much water you have to use. They are the ideal water indicator that can warn you if flood conditions are present outside. That’s also why rain gauges are believed to be one of the oldest meteorological devices ever invented.

Wrap Up

Having a rain gauge in your home is essential. It helps you track weather and that isn’t just about keeping yourself dry on your way to work, but also about maintaining your garden, growing crops that will sustain billions of people, and preparing for weather-related natural disasters.

The rain gauge is probably the easiest tool to use to measure precipitation and we really believe every household needs to have such an item! That’s why we decided to help you, by writing rain gauge reviews of the best products available on the market. All of the rain gauges included in our list are of high-quality and we guarantee you will love each of them just as much as we did!

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