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If you have a house with a big yard, but no garage space to use, the easiest option is to buy a portable garage. The beautiful thing about these sheds is that you can not only use it for parking and protecting your car but also as a storage unit.

Because of the diversity of options available, you need to consider for which reason you most need the portable canopy.  You can use portable garages not only for parking your car but also for instruments, tools, equipment.

There are numerous brands from which you can pick, all presenting similar but not the same car shelters. They all come in different shapes, materials used in the making, whether they are heavy duty and have walls or just a shed with a roof.

Depending on which reason you will use the portable garage, you need to consider the structure and weather conditions that can harm the portable garage.  Particularly, look for something that can withstand snow, rain, and sun, so the items stored in the canopy won’t be harmed. Ideally, purchase a portable car garage that has a powder coating finish.

The good thing is that there are some quite basic options. You can always upgrade your car shelters using your creative imagination if you are into renovating and creating different furniture.

Another use of portable garages is that if you buy one that is quite big, you can use it for outdoor events and party tents.

In summary, buying one is quite a good investment, because of the different ways you can use them and in this article you will find the best portable garages on the market.

Who makes the best portable garage?

Numerous brands offer portable garages. Since they all have different perks to distinguish one another, it is quite challenging to say which brand is the customer’s favorite.

Nevertheless, the most popular manufacturer is Overwhelming, designed to provide all the protection needed for a portable garage.

They have a variety of products available – different sizes for different functions. All of their portable garages are easy to set up, waterproof with UV protection, and at a reasonable price for a car canopy.

When picking a portable garage, this company can offer a lot of options – so make sure you buy the one most appropriate for you.

How long do portable garages last?

Since all portable garages are built to withstand different weather elements, you can expect yours to last for up to 20 years. They are, in general, made to be durable and last for a long time, but bear in mind that different manufacturers use different materials. If you research the steels used, you can get a general idea of how long the portable garage can stand.

Portable garages can be used for different purposes, so when buying one, make sure you get one that will suit your needs – if it is solely for parking your car, you’ll need one that will last longer. Therefore you should look for a product made with heavy galvanized steel that will withstand all weather conditions.

But in general, their term is about 10 to 20 years. Portable garages tend to last longer if you don’t move them as often, as well.

What are the best portable sheds?

Below you will find the best portable garages currently available to buy on Amazon.

King Canopy Drawstring Cover 10×20

This patio cover has silver powder-coated less with an A-frame design.

You can use it for car protection or a picnic, camping, hunting, any outdoor events whatsoever. The roof is heavy-duty, and it will block any UV rays, as well as rain or snow loads.

As a car owner, you will be delighted with this caravan canopy – it is one of the best garage shelters available. It doesn’t have side panels but is perfect for using it for storing any snowmobiles or car vehicles.

King Canopy 10×20, six-leg

This portable garage can either be used as a vehicle shelter or as a storage unit. The heavy steel frame construction has six legs, ensuring the garage will be durable throughout any weather. It has height restrictions of 8’11 and sidewall height of 5’10 – meaning you can fit anything under the roof.

Customers often prefer this brand for car protection as they have been on the market for quite some time and offer the best car portable garage. The steel frame of the garage blocks winds, sunlight, rain, and snow – your car will always be protected.

Ikuby All Weather Proof Medium Carport

This portable garage comes in grey color and is very easy to assemble. It has a super sturdy structure, and it weighs only 170lbs.

The Ikuby portable garage is made with oxford fabric with a polyethylene cover – it offers weather protection from severe conditions. You don’t need to worry that the snow load will damage it – it won’t. It can sustain rain, sun, etc.

The carport is waterproof, UV resistant, dustproof, windproof, rustproof.

It has a speedy and flexible installation with a shell look design – easy to open and close.

With this carport, your car will always be in good condition. You can also use the carport as an equipment storage facility – or you can keep your snowmobile safe and sound for the next winter.

Overwhelming 10 x 20 Heavy Duty Carport Garage 10 x 20

This brand offers the best portable garage on the market currently – made with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel framework it will be able to last all weather conditions. The frame is also rust and corrosion resistant, so you don’t need to worry that you will need to change it after a couple of years.

The large carport has a spacious interior and can hold up to 30 people inside, making it the perfect party tent.

The roof and walls are reinforced with polyethylene, which is water-resistant, as well as UV resistant. The fabric of the cover is effortless to clean and is made to last for a long time.

If you live in a place where the weather is too hot – don’t worry, there is a removable front-back door for cross ventilation and venting on hot days.

You can also use this portable carport as an open sunshade in the summer as the wall are removable.

The portable garage is straightforward to assemble, and it will come with a reinforced packaging-wooden bracket inside – that will protect the steel poles from any shipping damages.

King Canopy 12 x 20 Universal Drawstring Canopy

This canopy is one of the best portable garages sold. It is not only suitable for parking your vehicle to protect it from elements – but it is also very ideal for parties, sporting events, or picnics – the perfect party tent.

With its polyethylene cover, it is excellent in providing shade – it blocks over 99 percent of the UV rays.

The King Canopy is easily transportable and lightweight – it is easy to set, and you can take it wherever you go – it is the perfect addition for camping, hunting, picnic, parties – any outdoor events.

The King Canopy top cover has a powder coated steel frame and a rights reserved drawstring cover.

Arrow 20 x 29 Metal Carport


This carport from Arrow is one of the best portable garage available – it can not only protect your car but other large vehicles as well – boates, tractors. It is also a great addition to any outdoor party events – you can use it as a party tent as it can gather a lot of people under it in case it starts raining, or the sun gets too close.

The portable carport is very durable – with its gauge steel frame and 29-gauge pained galvanized steel roof, you don’t need to worry about rust and corrosion. The portable car shelter is also water resistant.

For additional protection from sun rays, snow load, this car canopy features horizontal panels and rounded eaves on the roof. The steel frame structure is heavy duty, and it will last rain, wind, snow – your vehicle will always be protected.

Rhino Shelter Instant Garage

This portable garage is made with a heavy-duty galvanized structural steel frame – designed not to rust or corrode. This garage shelter can fit two vehicles, as the polyethylene fabric cover is quite big – 30 x 30 x 15.

The car canopy has fire and UV protection, and you also don’t need to worry about heavy snow damaging it.

The heavy duty carport has cable hook anchors that work on surfaces such as asphalt, dirt, grass, and gravel.

The caravan canopy also has side panels and double zipper doors (front and back) that can be used for either ventilation or drive through. This vehicle storage unit has water resistance – the roof has a layer polyethylene – and powder coat finish. It can also be used as a storage space for all the things you don’t use.

This car shelter also has a standard two-year warranty that covers all parts. The steel frame of the portable garage comes with a ten-year warranty.

Shelter Logic 10 x 10 Shed-In-a-box


This ShelterLogic shed-in-a-box has a very durable frame made from all steel-metal. This portable garage is also made with heavy duty materials, ensuring that the shelter logic will last for years – the materials prevent chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion.

The Shelterlogic shed-in-a-box also has a triple layer ensuring for waterproof coverage and UV resistance.

The manufacturing company also has a patented shelter lock stabilizers to ensure solid stability of the canopy.

You can use this canopy for covering your vehicles, garden tools, mowers, snowblowers, jet skis, pool items – anything you wish to keep clean and safe from all weather.

The shelter is quite easy to put together – follow the assembly instructions provided, and you will be set in no time.

Hasika Waterproof Portable Family Camping Tunnel

This is one of the camping tents that can also work as vehicle protection coverage that customers need to look at. It gives protection from UV lights – the tunnel tent is made of a first-class polyester, which molds under density. It is highly durable and also has water-repellent properties.

Made with heavy duty, this steel construction can easily fit a picnic table with six chairs – or a car, of course.

You can decide how you want to set it up – either with two tarp poles or more to provide extra shade. The assembly parts are all easy to distinguish and use.

The canopy offers protection for all vehicles and is ideally suited for hunting, camping, sporting events – it is portable and lightweight so you can easily transport it.

Galsoar 10×20 Outdoor heavy duty carport

This versatile and multifunctional carport canopy can be used for storing all types of vehicles – cars, boats, tractors – you can even use it as a storage unit.

It has three high reinforced strength steel cables, making the whole structure of the canopy much safer and firm, preventing structural twisting.

The top cover is made with polyethylene fabric, which is UV and water-resistant – protecting your car from snow, rain, all elements of nature. You can safely leave your car under construction, even if strong winds are blowing – the car will not be damaged by it.

How much is a portable garage?

All the products reviewed in this article have quite a similar pricing. However, the other shed prices vary between $130 and $600 for the most expensive one.

Considering that the portable garages can be used for all different purposes – whether for parking your car, storing your equipment or instruments, or using for a tent for parties or picnics, the products are not so expensive.

With a roughly durability between 10 and 20 years, buying a portable garage for around $200 is a deal that many people take advantage of getting.  It is definitely an investment that will be very useful in the future, no matter for which purpose you need to use it.

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