Bidets are not used as primary cleaning fixtures in the toilets. However, many who have used it don’t want to go back to using toilet paper. In your bathroom, you can have a freestanding bidet or an attachment that works with your existing setup.

But what about when nature calls and you are not home?

For all those remote restroom uses, you can use a portable bidet. Companies have now made portable bidets that have discreet packaging and ergonomic designs. This means you can easily move around with a portable bidet without worrying about getting judged.

Even if you are strictly Team Toiler Paper, you will find a portable bidet handy in many instances. For instance, a bidet makes it less irksome and painful to take care of genital hygiene when one is suffering from piles. It is also ideal for pregnant women or those who are in the postpartum phase.

Bidet is also a better option for those who are facing partial physical immobility and can’t harness the dexterity that the use of regular toilet paper requires. Last but not least, the use of a bidet saves you from wasting reams of toilet paper. You can contribute to the environment by reducing the use of toilet paper since they are made of tree wood.

In short, a portable bidet is a useful purchase for your toilet use. In this piece, we are going to review six of the best portable bidets available on the block.

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Best Portable Bidet Reviews

Let’s look at short reviews of these portable bidets that will help you in making a better buying decision.

Brondell GoSpa GS-70 Travel Bidet

Brondell has designed this portable bidet for convenient on-the-go use. This travel bidet features an ergonomic bottle design that can store up to 400-ml of water but without occupying too much space. It comes with a discreet carrying bag, so you don’t have to hide it under other luggage.

The nozzle of this Brondell travel bidet needs a special mention. It remains inside the bidet when not in use, thus keeping the bidet space-efficient. You can take the nozzle out while filling the bottle and slide it back after use.

The bidet also features a metal airlock that gives you a water spray with consistent pressure with every squeeze. This consistent spraying makes sure you can clean yourself within a single bottle. The nozzle also has an angled trajectory so you can aim the right spot and take care of your hygiene with less use of water.

Bio Bidet The Palm TP70 | Handheld Personal Bidet

Bidets also come with electrical nozzle sprays that offer precise and convenient use. However, they are rendered useless when you run out of batteries and can’t get new ones since you are traveling in the middle of nowhere. This handheld personal bidet is a perfect substitute for powered bidets. It offers the same consistent spray pressure as its practical airlock.

The nozzle of this Bio Bidet is a well-thought-out one. It is a 7.5-inch long, angled tube that has two sets of three spray holes. This nozzle construction allows you to clean yourself without moving your body too much and with the minimum use of water.

Bio Bidet also lets you pick between 375 and 450-ml bottles. Both bottles are ergonomically designed and can easily be put in handbags and small luggage bags. This personal and portable bidet also comes with a convenient, discreet pouch. You don’t even have to screw off the nozzle from the bidet while putting it in the bag. Just tap the nozzle, and it will go inside the bottle.

TENZEPS Portable Bidet 600 ml Travel Bidet 

If you are someone who only gets sanitary satisfaction by using plenty of water after using the toilet, consider this travel bidet by TENZEPS. It has a capacity of 600 ml, which also means you can use it for more than one time without needing a refill. Instead of using the same polymer for both the bottle and nozzle, the manufacturer has carefully selected the materials while making this portable bidet.

The bottle is made of EVA, and the nozzle is carved out of ABS. The use of EVA keeps the bottle soft and easy to squeeze but also impervious to deformation. Meanwhile, the ABS nozzle is sturdy and doesn’t crack or chip even with typical falls and bumps.

Like any top-of-the-line portable bidet, this one also features a retractable nozzle. Also, the nozzle is adjusted at 60 degrees to spurt an angled water trajectory that lets you clean yourself without moving too much. You can get this TENZEPS portable bidet with a 450-ml bottle as well.

iBzera Portable Travel Peri Bottle Bidet Sprayer

Whether you are going on a backcountry camping trip or can’t use toilet paper due to a movement-restricting injury, this portable bidet sprayer by iBzera is worth considering. This bidet sprayer comes with a standard capacity of 450 ml. To let you make the most of this capacity, the manufacturer has kept the spray full and round with seven nozzle holes.

This wide-spray projection makes it sure you can clean yourself thoroughly without needing a refill. In short, the nozzle offers more pressure and wider coverage simultaneously. The bottle also features a stippled patch in the middle from where you can hold and squeeze the bottle for maximum pressure.

This iBzera bidet sprayer comes with a carrying bag and a user guide. Moreover, the bottle comes in three different colors and with a 1-month hassle-free return policy.

Peri Bottle Travel Bidet

This Peri Bottle Travel Bidet is designed for multipurpose use. It is a great sanitary accessory for pregnant women as well as a useful travel item for those going on off-road adventures. To make it easier to carry and use it in an upside position, the manufacturer has streamlined its design to keep it optimally ergonomic. This sleek travel bidet looks like a 200-ml container, but it can actually hold 400 ml of water.

The manufacturer has used top-quality polymer in the bottle. It is flexible with high tensile strength. This means the bottle doesn’t lose its shape even after many squeezes. The angled nozzle of the bidet has a 7-hole spray that allows you to clean yourself with minimum body movement and maximum satisfaction.

The nozzle of this Peri Bottle Travel Bidet is detachable and has an adjustable length. You can adjust it anywhere between 1 and 7.4 inches. This allows you to set the bidet in line with your sitting style on the toilet. The manufacturer also offers a 1-month money-back guarantee on the bidet that also indicates it is a quality product.

Peri Bottle 500ml with Multiple Nozzles

A portable bidet is not exclusive to traveling use. It can be a great toilet accessory for bedridden patients, women in the postpartum phase as well as babies. This large Peri Bottle with a capacity of 500 ml is designed for multipurpose use.

Like other Peri Bottle bidets, this bidet also features an ergonomic design for easy handling. However, what makes this Peri Bidet stands apart among its competitors is its material. To make it an entirely safe sanitation accessory for patients and babies, the manufacturer has used food-grade material in its making.

The other striking bit about this bidet is its non-squeezing spray. Instead of clutching the bottle from the middle, you just need to press a small white button at the bottom to get a water spout of constant pressure and aim. This button spray makes it use far easier for those who are already facing movement restriction.

The transparent construction of the bottle lets you see how much water is left and if it is time to refill. Capacity marks are also given to know the exact quantity of water left. The bottle comes with two nozzles. The angled one is for adults, while the straight nozzle is provided for babies.

Best Portable Bidet Buying Guide

If you want to explore portable bidet options besides the ones in the list given above, then factor in the characteristics discussed below.

Size and Capacity

It goes without saying that a portable bidet should be compact enough not to become a nuisance for carrying it around. However, it is also important that its compact size doesn’t affect its capacity to a level where one bottle doesn’t seem enough to clean yourself.

Many manufacturers have succeeded in striking a perfect balance of size and capacity by keeping the bottle design as ergonomic as possible. A 400-ml bottle is considered a suitable capacity for portable bidets. They are neither too large nor too small and also contain enough water for your one-time toilet use.

This is also the reason why most of the portable bidets on our list are 400 ml.

Manual or Battery-Powered Bidets

If you have noticed, we have only shortlisted and reviewed manual portable bidets here. There are multiple reasons for that.

  • A manual bidet offers the best remote/portable use since it doesn’t require any power whatsoever.
  • Due to the absence of battery and machine, a manual bidet is fairly lightweight than a powered one, making it easy to use and carry.
  • The absence of any electrical component makes manual bidets a completely failsafe cleaning accessory for injured individuals, pregnant women, and babies.
  • Manual bidets lie at the lower price range

Nonetheless, you can opt for battery-powered bidets if you don’t mind their price and like a little bit of luxury.


The nozzle is a critical part of a bidet. A poorly constructed nozzle means an ineffective bidet. Therefore, make sure the bidet you are thinking of buying must have these features.

  • It should be sleek and long enough to deliver a pressured water spray.
  • It should have multiple spray holes to deliver the right amount of water.
  • It should be angled so you can aim the bidet without moving your body too much.

Nozzles also come in detachable and retractable configurations. If you want maximum space efficiency, stick to bidets in which nozzles slide back into the bottle.


In manual bidets, you have to factor in the grip of the bottle as well. A good grip allows you to squeeze the bottle to get powerful and consistent water spray.

Portable Bidets FAQs

Q- How the use of bidet helps with environmental conservation?

A- By using a bidet, you reduce your use of toilet paper that adds up to less consumption of natural wood. Also, you reduce the load on the landfills that are used to dump used toilet papers.

Q- Are portable bidets suitable for everyone?

Yes, they are suitable for men, women, the elderly, and even children. A portable bidet is a great washing accessory for everyone.

Q- How bidets are better than toilet paper?

A- Bidets ensure better genital cleaning than toilet papers since the use of water rules out any chances of germ-infested residues.


A portable bidet is an all-around cleaning and washing accessory. Everyone can benefit from it: travelers, patients, pregnant women, children. A portable bidet ensures better hygiene and also helps in conserving the environment. The ongoing shortage of toilet papers makes bidets all the more important toilet accessory.

We hope that the above reviews, the buying guide, and FAQs will help you in understanding the importance of bidets and picking the best one for your use.

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