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Best Beach Chairs – 2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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We can always make use of the sand to lay softly on the beach, but not everybody wants to endure the annoyance of looking like chicken fingers coming back home or digging your seat for some minutes to have something to lie on.

The best beach chairs can offer you not only a clean seat but also a ready-to-use place for sunbathing and even massaging. Nothing better than enjoying your beach day off with a piece of furniture as comfortable as your daddy’s recliner and you can surely find many options out there with great quality.

We compiled a list to make that work easy for you selecting 7 of the favorite beach chairs available currently in the market, based on selling numbers, rates, and the highest costs possible of these chairs that keep a great ratio with their rate and selling numbers.

Let’s check our small guide on all you need to know when glancing at these chairs and deciding what you are going to buy for sure.

These are the Best Beach Chair’s for 2023

Coleman Camping Chair | Lightweight Utopia Breeze

And the #1 on our top beach chair list goes to Coleman Camping Chair.

While this Coleman chair has more than one concept, and works both for camping and beach purposes, it is nonetheless one of the best friends you can have when relaxing on the beach. You will not be able to tan well on it since this chair doesn’t recline, but it has the features that make it one of the beach chairs out there, its reclining design.

The Low Sling Day is built on an almost gravity zero reclining position. This is really comfortable and distributes the weight of your body appropriately on your back and upper legs. The fabrics used in this chair are padded, even more, comfort to stand under the sun on the beach – and they are easy as well to clean and store, with a transportation bag included.


  • The beach/camping chair smartly folds to assemble and disassemble
  • Made on synthetic fabric with a padding system for more comfort
  • Made on aluminum frame (up to 300lbs)
  • Includes a cup holder and a bag to store when disassembled and transport


  • Very steady interlaced folding system
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Gravity zero alike reclination, more comfort
  • 2-year warranty policy

RIO Beach 4-Position Lace-Up: Best Backpack Beach Chair

The #2 on our top beach chair list goes to RIO Beach Chair 4-Position Lace-Up.

Few brands develop beach chairs with the amount of comfort that the RIO Gear models do. They do not only craft beach chairs to recline under the sun but zero gravity ones. While the design is quite simple and doesn’t have a lot of extra features, this chair is made with high-quality materials, provides you with a zero-gravity experience, and is as easy to store and transport as any other chair on our list.

This kind of model of zero gravity chair has a slim, comfortable headrest adjustable according to height, and the seat is made of elastic cord fabric just like our previous model, adapting to your body easily.


  • Reclining zero gravity adjustment
  • Fabric made of elastic materials
  • Frame made on a powder-coated steel
  • Includes adjustable headrest


  • It will easily adapt to any body size comfortably
  • 4 position lace-up
  • You can adjust the headrest according to your height or even use it as lumbar support.
  • Available in several different colors

Telescope Casual Sun and Sand

At #3 of our beach chair guide goes to Telescope Casual Sun.

This chair is one of the most perfect and complete models you will find out there for a beach chair. Developed by Telescope, which has authority in developing beach and garden furniture, the Casual Mini-Sun is foldable, easy to transport, comfortable, beautiful, has useful features, and is easy to clean up.

Moreover, this chair is completely reclinable, you can open it at a 180º angle so you can sun bath or just sit in a regular position. Telescope has this chair developed in many different colors and textures. The Casual Mini-Sun is part of the Casual series and has its fabric designed with default colors, while other variations of the Casual line have different textures, with more patterns and colors – and they cost as well more than the Mini-Sun, though the quality is just the same.


  • Beach chair of lightweight
  • Foldable and completely reclinable.
  • Includes wide armrests made on wood with cup holders on each side
  • Made on patented breathable synthetic fabric


  • Easy to transport and clean
  • You can also store it anywhere as it compactly folds in itself
  • Includes a towel rack for your convenience
  • Available in several different colors and textures

Ergolounger OH Cloud Deluxe with 3 Pillows

At #4 of our perfect beach chair review list is the Ergolounger Cloud Deluxe.

Our second chair developed by Ergo is much more ergonomic and less convenient for transportation, as well as it is more a lounge beach chair than a conventional beach chair, but it works nonetheless wonders for a comfortable sun bath facing the sea, or the sandy ground, depending on your position. This chair is specially developed so you can lay down and tan on all parts of your body.

Turn around on your belly and you have a special hole for your head. Turn around and sit on your back and you have comfortable cushions for lumbar support. This chair is also foldable but since it is more sturdy it won’t be that light to carry around. However, it is the kind of chair that provides you with a delightful comfort that worth’s you paying a cab to get to the beach just to have it with you in case you are in a trip abroad and have no car.


  • Ergonomic lounge beach chair for sun bath
  • Comfortable 3D breathable fabric
  • Developed on an aluminum frame
  • Includes support pillows that are attachable
  • Reclines and folds easily


  • This chair also reclines completely
  • You can sun bath on it with comfort, including your back, as well as the chair already works as a massage table
  • Foldable for discreet storage and transportation
  • Pillows are attachable, stay firm in place, and are easy to remove for clean up.

GCI Outdoor Waterside SunShade

At #5 of our ultimate beach chairs, a guide is GCI Outdoor Waterside SunShade.

This GCI outdoor chair might seem quite uncomfortable at first glance even though it looks really beautiful, but the good news is, it is in fact very comfortable once again due to an almost zero gravity reclination. GCI design surely has an aesthetic purpose with these outdoor chairs. They are futuristic in design, beautiful and if you feel the need to pad it with any extra comfort – like you would do with a beach chair – yes, you can do this too.

This chair has overall great reviews from previous buyers around the web so you can trust this sturdy design. It is surely very easy to transport, it is foldable and you can carry it around to the pool or to the beach as it’s very light (10 pounds) and also comes with large backpack straps for hands-free carrying.


  • Futuristic designed chair made on eco-friendly wood
  • Designed on almost zero gravity reclining
  • Foldable
  • Comes with backpack straps


  • 3 position reclining
  • Comes already assembled – and is packed on recycled boxes
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to carry around

Deluxe Ostrich

At #6 of our list of top-rated beach chairs is Deluxe Ostrich.

The Ostrich chair developed by Deluxe resembles a bit the design of the Ergo Lounge chair, with the same kind of sturdy padding system, and is not reclined in zero gravity position, even though, you can choose other sets of reclination, up to 180º to get laid comfortably and sun bath and adjust the reclination of the footrest, creating up to 15 different position combos.

The chair is also made on synthetic breathable fabrics and an aluminum frame, the chair has a smart system of padding with extra cushion on the lower edge of the seat to keep your legs a little bit lifted and diminish the pressure, as well as in the headrest and lumbar positions you have additional cushions that can be detached for easy cleanup.


  • Made on elastic patented breathable fabric
  • Has 5 different reclining positions and 3 different foot reclining settings.
  • Includes detachable extra cushions on the headrest and lumbar support.
  • Includes a cup holder attached to the wooded armrest and a free towel also made by Ostrich


  • Ideal for sun bath and even massage with its hole for the head to switch while laying on your belly
  • Foldable and easy to transport
  • The exclusive cord fabric is elastic and ergonomic, and will fit many different body sizes and shapes
  • Available in several different colors

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping

At #7 on our best beach chairs list is the KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping.

The last item on our list is quite similar to the TMS zero gravity chair. It follows the same universal standard of this kind of chair but has slight differences that can make it much more appealing for many people: the headrest is wider and the fabric of the seat is a mix of organic and synthetic materials, not only breathable but much more comfortable for the touch under the sun while you are sweating, a plus that only this chair has to offer. The frame is likewise made of powder-coated steel and the chair will adjust its elasticity to your body. One of the great things about this chair is the fact you can also find it on promotion being sold in pairs.


  • Made on mixed fabrics of organic and synthetic materials
  • Very easy to carry around
  • Includes adjustable headrest
  • Foldable


  • Better fabrics for the skin than any of the chairs in the list
  • Offer you the zero gravity experience under the sun
  • Available in several different colors

Quick Buying Guide


Since these chairs are made to be compact and convenient, they are in general simple, but the more adaptable a beach chair is, the better because it will ensure many different positions of reclining, weight capacity, and so on. Is important that you can handle the chair and find in the end the perfect fit for your body, otherwise you will be shooting in the dark, especially through online shopping.


Once again, when a sitting piece is supposed to be as simple as this, check how sturdy, and resistant it is. Stay away from the max. weight limit as it means the lifespan of the chair will be drastically reduced if you test its limits as the years go by. Likewise, be sure the materials are resilient enough to adapt and do not deform.


Is always good to have a warranty policy for anything, and here it is no different. Since most of these chairs include fancy padding systems or designs, you will want to ensure you can replace parts with no problem.

Final Notes

  • As the summer season is ending, pay attention to local retailers as they might make the chairs cheaper near the beginning of the fall
  • If you have back pains or any postural issues, always prefer chairs with extra padding and patented elastic fabrics

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